Star Colonizer

group work in Pratt Institute

Visual Design / Lucia Lu
Gamepiece Design / Xiaofan Zhang
3D Compose & Render / Jianhao Zheng
Star Colonizer, Rendered full game set

A board game about building a space colony in a near-future setting, suitable for 1-4 people. The game board has a foldable 18"x18" soft surface, allowing players to modify the landscapes by putting sands below the surface. The interaction with actual landscapes adds variety and a sense of exploration to the gaming experience.

Game pieces are buildings with different point values and can be placed on the landscape on board. Dies and cards are different resources to gather. A set of competeive rules is given, but the game also open for creative modifications such as collaborative playing.

Star Colonizer, Science Cards

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Star Colonizer, Full Instructions

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Star Colonizer, Rendered view of gamepieces on gameboard
Star Colonizer, Rendered dices
Star Colonizer, Package visual design
Star Colonizer, Package visual design flat printed
Star Colonizer, Gamepiece design
Star Colonizer, Resource Cards