Sound Across Senses

Installation   120 x 90 x 150 cm  /  Audio 4'34"

Salt on painted zinc plate, speaker, foam board,
audio transducers, amplifier, audio mixer,
Max MSP, Adobe Audition (playback)

This audio installation explores sound across human senses, providing a multi-sensational perception of sound, not only from hearing but also from seeing the graphical patterns, touching the vibrating surfaces and particles, and sensing the space in the audio.

Sound Across Senses, pattern on metal plate

The device at the center is a metal plate attached to a bass-frequency audio transducer, playing sine waves between 100-1000 Hz. The wave of sound inside the plate causes fixed vibration points and resonance, showing patterns through salt particles above it.

accelerated patterns on metal plate (click to play)

The foam boards are attached to a pair of small transducers, acting as a pair of bi-channel speakers with large vibration surfaces and a wide stereo field. A piece of quad-channel audio is playing through the foam boards and a pair of stereo speakers, creating an alternative space from the sound.

All five channels of sound are playing from Adobe Audition on a single laptop, mapping output channels to corresponding devices.


generate sine waves in MAX MSP
Sound Across Senses, salt on metal plate
Sound Across Senses, pattern on metal plate
Sound Across Senses, installation view