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“FARAWAY” solo exhibition

at Dowel, Kodaira, Tokyo
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This self-curated exhibition shows the outcome of my exchange semester in Japan. The featured works are previous projects finalized in Japan for the show.

Special thanks to Nagao Tomoka for helping with the curation process. Thanks to Luo Zhaoxuan, KAIZI, and Sakai Fu for giving advice.

In our once and only short life journey, it is impossible to experience all the possibilities, but it would be fantastic if we could experience other people’s life. From the first-person perspective, we experience episodes that are utterly different from our daily life, and the new ideas born from there are also very important.

Images, music, and interactions, multiple media convey feelings that can not be expressed only through words. This three works as a whole, arouse the feelings of the audience, and gradually intensify them. Finally, the audience feels like being the character in the story, feel the same emotions, and have deeper thoughts about those emotions.

Why are we able to feel others’ feelings? Maybe people’s minds are not so different from each other, they are just surrounded by different environments. Building a specific environment could make people react in the same way. People are always connected with the same minds even if being separated far away from each other.

However, in this sameness of human beings, where can we find our own distinct identity?

Maybe there is an identical one exists somewhere and sometime. The moment when they feel the same emotion, their identity overlaps regardless of how far away they are separated in time and distance.


Observer, in FARAWAY

Observer (2022)
Interactive Installation

duration variable
100 cm * 80 cm * 160 cm

Clay, Glass Bottle, Arduino, TouchDesigner, VCV Rack

Dérive: Prelude, in FARAWAY

Dérive: Prelude (2021)
Interactive Experience

dimension variable

Twine, html/css/js


DREAM (2023)
Interactive Experience and Environment

315 cm * 540 cm * 300 cm

Godot Game Engine, Touch Designer, Logic Pro

FARAWAY, exhibition flyer
View Exhibition Flyer (Japanese)

FARAWAY, exhibition view
FARAWAY, exhibition view
FARAWAY, exhibition view
FARAWAY, exhibition view
FARAWAY, exhibition view
FARAWAY, exhibition view
FARAWAY, exhibition view
FARAWAY, exhibition view
FARAWAY, exhibition view